Kaybi Calculator

Kaybi Calculator 1.0.0

Scientific calculator with unit converter

Kaybi Calculator is a scientific calculator for the Pocket PC. It has all the basic calculator functions and more:

Basic Functions

  • The common calculator functions: +, -, x, /, mod, x2, x3, ^, √, n√, ln, log, log2, !

    , exp, %, ceiling, floor & memory functions.

  • Bracket support to frame your expression

Trigonometry Functions

  • deg/rad/grad support

  • sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, sinh, cosh, tanh, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1

Working with Units

  • Let you directly include units in your expression, and it will calcuate with the resulting units

  • After obtaining the answer, it allows you to: convert to other units, combining multiple units to a derived unit, or decomposed a unit to its base units.

Kaybi Calculator


Kaybi Calculator 1.0.0